GMP Engineering s.r.l.


GMP Engineering s.r.l.

GMP Engineering LTD was born in the 80s and is among the leading industries of the Venetian Region in the extrusion of plastic, rubber and silicone materials; hence the name “Plastics gaskets”.

With its 30 years of experience, professionalism, passion, technological research and innovation, GMP Engineering becomes an ideal partner to serve the customer in order to turn projects into reality.

For each customer we design the most reliable and fitting solution to achieve his full satisfaction.

Offering a SUPPORT IN DESIGN, GMP Engineering offers MADE IN ITALY gaskets and high quality solutions in plastic, silicone and rubber for various SECTORS: engineering, marine, aerospace, road, food and automotive idustry; public and private transport; lighting; refrigeration; agriculture; sport and furniture. Significant investments, even in a state of the art CRM system, are going to contribute in the near future to a new management based on winning relationship with customers, in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction, continuous improvement and customer loyalty.


Via A. Palladio, 50 Paviola di San Giorgio in Bosco 35010 – (PD) Italy



+39 049 9450457



+39 049 9450458