“Credit assignment. Very serious difficulties for companies with the new measures “

The specialist and superspecialist construction sector associations signatories of this press release, ask the Government and Parliament for the fastest conversion into law of Legislative Decree 4/2022 together with an amendment agreed between the Government and Parliamentary Groups that eliminates or modifies article 28 of the provision or , alternatively, to the Government the issue of a new, urgent, Law Decree that modifies the substance of article 28. In fact, the current drafting of this article, with the impossibility of assigning the credit more than once, blocks in fact (even retroactively) a large number of construction sites engaged in the energy requalification of buildings and in the anti-seismic safety of our country.
The Italian construction sector consequently requests the utmost promptness for the modification of the aforementioned article 28 because Italian companies cannot bear 60 days of blocking of activities, because citizens must not be left in the most absolute uncertainty regarding the recovery of their tax credits. by the State and to avoid serious employment repercussions.

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