Sandrini Serrande S.r.l.

Our company was founded in 1990, in the province of Brescia, as a garage door factory.

Today it occupies an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, which includes production plants, warehouses and offices with over 65 specialized employees and is able to produce over 150 doors per day.

It boasts a vast sales network throughout the country, so as to be able to guarantee a direct relationship with customers.

To date, the company has achieved a significant degree of development and high specialization, thanks to a great economic commitment that allows constant investments in technology, research and development.

Our doors are not built in series: the specialized staff assembles and tests each single door in an artisanal way, so as to be able to check each of its components, then moving on to quality control before delivery. Each door is custom built (with an accuracy to the cm.), And customized in materials, accessories and in every particular feature. We can therefore offer a very wide range of doors to satisfy every need and taste of our customer.

Our mission is the will and the ability to give the customer a completeness and efficiency in the sales and after-sales service that very few companies today are able to offer.

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