Armo Spa – Collegno (TO)

Armo s.p.a., born in 1972, has developed day by day the efficiency of its industrial organization, the experience of its staff together with the quality of its production.
The automated system and the robotized areas installed in Armo’s plant in Torino area, repeating cycle after cycle the exact sequence of the operations, guarantee that all the products have high quality and reliability, granting Armo spa to be one of the leading companies in:

  • Loading bays and industrial sectional doors
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Residential sectional doors

Armo is the perfect choice for partners who are looking for reliable and dynamic solutions, with safe, guaranteed and insurance products.
Armo: unload the problem onto us!

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  • Via Vittime di Bologna, 10 10060 None (TO) - Italy
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